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Cyber crime is a growing problem in digital world.

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Victim of Cyber Crime? What to Do?

Internet Fraud

Gift Card Scams

Lottery Scam

Insurance Frauds

Net Banking/ATM Frauds

Victim of Payment Card Fraud

Mobile App Related Crimes

Victim of Mobile Wallet KYC Fraud

Data Theft

Victim of Cyber-Criminal Activities

Cyber Safety Tip for Women

Social Media Crimes

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Are You in Need of a Cyber Crime Lawyer?

As technology advances, so do the methods used by criminals to commit cyber crimes. Cyber crime laws are designed to protect individuals and businesses from the malicious activities of cyber criminals. Supporting our people to fulfill their legal information need

Our expert team member monitors online platforms and assists clients globally in taking down infringed, objectionable, vulgar, or defamatory content from the websites.

We also provide assistance in investigations for Fraud, Cyber Crimes; Password hacking crimes; pornography and vulgar postings; infringement or piracy over the internet; Credit card embezzlements

Domain Name Retrievals; Cyber Crimes; Cyber Investigations; Content Removal from Social Media; E-Discovery; Forensics; Password hacking and Child Pornography crimes; Internet and Mobile Phones assisted Crimes; Cell Phone hacking; Virus ingestion crimes; Credit Card misuse; Hard Drive Examinations; Litigation in the Court; Similar Domain name bookings.

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  • An expert team of IT and Cyber lawyer services in India for all kinds of services in cyber and IT laws with confidence and quality.
  • Hacking, Child Pornography, Cyber Stalking, Phishing, Credit Card Fraud, MMS Scams, etc.
  • IT Lawyer India for handling all disputes related to Hacking, Cybersquatting, Domain Name Wrestling, Domain Name registration dispute and all other related subjects.

Information Technology Rules

The Information Technology (Intermediaries Guidelines) Rules, 2011


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